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Understanding The Difference Between Private And Public Social Media And How It Effects You

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Social media is one of the most controversial things in our modern sociality. With privacy concerns, there is a rise in private social network use as users seek to add privacy to their online life. Private and public social media offer many different benefits. While public social media is not going away, it is good to understand the differences between them and how they affect you. 

Private Social Media

For many people, the idea of private social media seems strange, and you might ask, how can social media be private? Web messaging apps that are part of large social media sites are viewed as private social media networks within a public network. You can use the apps to send your content to many people or a single one, but the apps allow you to limit who can view the content, making it private. 

When you post pictures on a large social site for all your viewers, you are using public social media, but when you send those same pictures to your close friends and family through a messaging app, you just become one of the many people choosing to make a move to a private social media network. Protecting your information and data is becoming more common because so many prominent public social media networks continue to be hacked and have their information stolen. Most people do not want it to happen to them.

How you share, what you share, and who you share it with is becoming more relevant, and more closed private social networks are sure to rise in popularity as this trend continues to grow.

Corporate Social Media

Another private social media network trend that is growing is corporate networks that companies are building inside their systems for employees to use. Because so many people are comfortable with social media, using a private social media network to send information to others in the company or share it with select groups, the entire company, or one person makes sense. 

A system like this allows departments to have a chat room or space to share ideas and work on problems as a group. At the same time, the company's CEO can release pictures and information about new developments or a corporate event for everyone in the company to enjoy. 

The private social media network allows all of this but is only accessible by the company's employees, so nothing that is said or shared makes it to the public. Similar networks exist for churches, clubs, and groups that want to share within their own community and remain within a closed environment.