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Peer-To-Peer Social Networking: Is It Right For You?

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If you plan to embark on a private fundraising project or another venture on social media soon, you may worry about your social media provider's site going down or crashing. You can calm your fears with peer-to-peer social networking. Learn more about peer-to-peer networking and how you can use it below.

What's Peer-To-Peer Social Networking?

You may already know something about peer-to-peer (or peer to peer) networking and how it works. Peer-to-peer (PSP) networking allows you to connect multiple computer systems together over the Internet. But unlike traditional PSP networking, peer-to-peer social networking doesn't require you to use the Internet to share information. 

Social media companies generally store their users' information on servers. If the servers crash or disconnect from the system, users may lose the ability to access their social media pages and content. Outside sources, such as hackers and thieves, may also access or steal the information.

Peer-to-peer social networking allows you to access your social media pages and content without the use of the Internet or social media providers' website. You can access your fundraising content directly from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone during the day or night.

If peer-to-peer social networking seems right for your fundraising project, go ahead and set it up today.

How Do You Implement Peer-To-Peer Networking?

In order to set up your PSP social networking account, you'll need to install special software on your computer. Many peer-to-peer networking providers offer the software you need. The software generally contains everything you need to install, set up, and manage your account. The software may also come with:

  • firewall and malware protection
  • computer files to save information
  • user guides and other information

After you receive and install the software, you can give other people in your fundraising group passwords to your account. You may also be able to connect to each member through the software's program or protocols. For safety reasons, never share passwords with anyone who isn't in your private group. A software provider can assist you with setting it up if needed.

You may need to do other things to set up and maintain your PSP social networking software, such as cleaning your computer system regularly or downloading updates. A provider can go over anything else you need to do to your computer system before and after you install the software.

Learn more about peer-to-peer social media networking by contacting a provider today.