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Use Corrugated Cardboard Displays To Promote Items That Haven't Been Selling

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Some merchandise in your store may sell quickly and not require a lot of advertising efforts on your part. Other items could sit on shelving units for months and not receive the exposure needed to convince people to make a purchase. Rotating wares is one way to expand your selling potential, but this may not be feasible if you have limited shelf space to work with. Corrugated cardboard product displays can make a huge impact on your customers and help you roll out products on a consistent basis.

What Type Of Displays Can You Order?

Pop-up displays, end cap units, cardboard bins, and counter displays can be used for various types of merchandise. Think about your store's layout and the areas where most people congregate. You are probably used to seeing people standing and waiting patiently to be checked out. If cardboard displays are set up at the end of each checkout area, people will be inclined to read the signage and view the merchandise that is being promoted.

Novelty items or merchandise that is being offered at an introductory price may be very enticing to your patrons and could sell out quickly, due to the new displays and the strategic locations that you have chosen.

Another idea is to purchase several displays and line them up next to items that are best sellers. When people head over to a shelf that contains popular products that tend to sell well, they will be greeted with the cardboard product displays that are being used to house other items and may decide to investigate further to determine if any of the items are of interest.

Cardboard displays can also be used to promote small items that would not fit neatly on a shelving unit or inside of a large cardboard display. A counter display is perfect for holding brochures, candy, loose tools, or other miscellaneous items that you are selling. Place one counter display on the end of each checkout area.

How Can You Maximize Your Earning Potential?

People appreciate being informed about merchandise, whether they are provided with a listing of ingredients or materials that a product is made of or are given some valuable information about the benefits of using a particular item. Choose bold lettering when designing a description for each cardboard display that you will be ordering.

The descriptions should be easy to scan, and the color of the lettering should complement the other colors that are used in each display's design. After receiving your new displays, place each of  them in a high traffic area that is well-lit.

To learn more about using these displays in your store, contact a company like EZ POP.