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Trade Show Booth Design: Four Options To Make Your Booth Stand Out

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When you rent a booth at a trade show, you want to make sure you make the biggest impact possible on potential customers and clients. Design agencies that specialize in trade show design can help you to achieve your goals, but knowing some of your options ahead of time can make it easier for you to collaborate with the designers. Here are some trade show booth options that can make your booth stand out from the crowd.

Add Seating

Instead of creating a space where people stand for a few moments and leave, design a booth that makes people want to linger. The longer a person stays in your booth and engages with your staff, the better your chances may be to get a new customer for your business. Use bar tables and stools to give people a place to sit and share ideas, and be sure to have refreshments, such as bottled water, available for your visitors. Dress up the tables with tablecloths, and add a brochure holder with marketing materials on each table.

Build A Floor

Convention center flooring can be boring at best, so why not customize your booth with your own flooring materials? Your trade show booth designer can help you select soft flooring tiles, rolling flooring surfaces and temporary carpets to help customize your space and make your booth look unique. You can even add graphics to the flooring to brand your booth.

Put Up Display Cases

Instead of just showing brochures and booklets with your products, put some of your best items on display. You can use trade show-friendly display cases to show off your products and get people interested in what your company has to offer. These cases can be customized with your branded graphics to align with your other signage and marketing materials.

Build A Graffiti Wall

Graffiti walls can help to tell your brand's story through big, bold graphics. The walls typically sit at the back of your booth, creating a backdrop for your other booth tables and accessories. They can also be lit with LED lighting to highlight the graphics, and the walls can define the space in your booth to separate it into different sections for your visitors to explore. Graffiti walls can feature your branding and company name, or they can use an enlarged picture of your products at work. Your trade show design company can work with you to find the perfect imagery for your graffiti wall.

Ask your trade show design company about these options, and ask your trade show design agency to help customize these ideas to fit with your business goals and branding.