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How To Prepare For Your First Day Of Moving

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In the frenzy of moving, it's often easy to forget that you're going to need special preparations for the first day that you officially move into your new house. This is especially the case if you're moving a large amount all at once. Here are a few things to help make your first day easier.

Use Clear Bins for Most Important First Day Items

One thing you really aren't going to want to do when you finally move in is hunt around for basic stuff that you'll need to complete the move. You'll want utensils for helping you eat whatever food you pack that's easiest to make. You'll also need cookware for cooking it. It helps to bring box cutters for opening the rest of the boxes too.

Other items that you should put in a clear bin includes stuff for getting a basic setup going such as a power strip, your basic tool kit, and toilet paper. If you put this stuff in clear bins, you'll be able to find them much easier when your home is full of opaque cardboard boxes that all look the same.

Use an Overnight Bag

It's hard to be absolutely sure what's going to happen on the first day that you move, so you'll really want your most essential things in a small bag that you can keep with you. There are going to be unexpected events like delays with the moving van, or you being too exhausted to unpack anything after the long drive or plane flight from your old residence.

Your essentials bag should include your laptop, an extra change of clothes, your toothbrush, and anything else that you're going to want to keep close to you for your first night at your new place. It's important to prioritize between what you really can't live without and what you can.

Use Plastic Wrap

If you put plastic wrap over anything that you're going to need on your first day that contains liquid, such as shampoo, and then screw the caps back on over the plastic wrap, you'll prevent it from leaking and ruining anything else in your overnight bag or in your plastic cargo container.

You'll be glad you took these extra precautions on your first day of moving because it's likely to be a tiring and hectic one. You really don't need to worry about one extra thing.

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