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Three Beautiful Ways To Secure Your Home

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Home security devices are not always the most aesthetically pleasing, but there are a few ways to add beauty to your home while making sure it is secure. Your locksmith can help you install home security features that are both efficient and stylish. Before you install security cameras or a home protection system, talk to your locksmith about these options for your home.

Decorative Steel Window Bars

Burglar bars don't have to be ugly. There are many designs on the market that let you create a beautiful window covering that also make it difficult for would-be thieves to enter your home. Spanish-style wrought iron bars with intricate scroll details lend a stunning antique look to your home, while angular designs in copper or brushed nickel give your home a modern update. You can also add security doors to your home with decorative steel accents that coordinate with your window bars. Talk to your locksmith about which styles are available so you can choose a fashionable addition to your home's exterior and prevent burglaries.

Covert Cameras In Your Outdoor Sconces

Outdoor sconces offer a handsome way to decorate the exterior of your home, and they make an excellent place to install covert security cameras. Instead of having large cameras pointed at your home's entrances, opt for these tiny cameras instead. Your locksmith can install them in your outdoor lighting fixtures, providing two layers of security for your home. The lights will deter anyone who doesn't want to be seen while attempting to enter your home, and the camera footage will provide you with an image you can show to police should someone try to break in.

Add A Chic Gated Entrance

If you have enough room on your property, consider adding a gated entrance to your driveway that keeps your property secure and protects your privacy. Large wood gates in a warm finish make an ideal addition to a country-style or cottage home, while steel gates are perfect for modern buildings. If you already have a gate surrounding your property, your locksmith can add the entrance to your existing gate, or you can opt to have a brand new decorative security gate and entrance installed. Consider adding a keypad system to provide access to your property for an additional layer of security.

Keeping your home safe doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your home's curb appeal. All three of these options improve the appearance of your home while helping to keep it safe and secure. Partner with your locksmith like Acme Safe to come up with great ideas for adding decorative security options to your home.