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Translation Services: An Integral Part Of Business Expansion

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Are you a business owner who is ready to expand your business or reach a more diverse customer base? If so, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that you have an online presence, but having an online presence may not be enough especially if your business website is only accessible to people who speak your native language. This is why business owners who desire to reach customers across the globe need to strongly consider translation services.     

Which languages should you choose to have your website translated to?

The answer to this question will vary based upon the goods or services you sell. For example, Mandarin is the most widely spoken language, but you could find that you generate few sales from Mandarin-speaking customers.

This is why it would make sense to have a web designer create landing pages. Get the pages translated into various languages. You can run a series of test campaigns to determine which landing pages generate the most leads or sales. Based upon the information gathered, you can choose which languages to have translated on your main company website. You can add additional languages over time. 

Are free online translators more cost effective?

If you have budget concerns about utilizing translation services, it is not a good idea to use online translators to translate your website yourself. A better approach would be to have a translation service translate certain portions of your website, or you can also choose to only create translated landing pages initially.

For example, you could have the landing page that includes information about your company and products. The page could also include a contact form in the appropriate language. You could have a representative from the translation services company follow up on these leads.

One of the main issues with free online translators is that they sometimes translate into awkward translation phrases, which could cause native speakers to form a negative view of your business or products. This could cause them not to buy from you.

Why can't customers use an online translator themselves to view websites written in other languages?

They can, but this comes with issues of its own. The same idea of nonsensical translations could occur. In some cases, this will also take more time from their online experience. People who shop online aim to do so with minimal hassle. A frustrated customer could simply choose to try to find the same product or service elsewhere online.

Also, keep in mind that some online shoppers may not be aware that online translators exist. These customers will be likely to move on to the next site if your site is not in their language. Finally, having your website available to customers in their native language shows that your company cares about its customers, and this can create brand loyalty for years to come. Contact a local proivider, such as ABCO Translations, for further assistance.