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3 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing An Edger

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Do you want to have an immaculate lawn this summer? If so, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need is an edger. An edger is used to cut grass that grows over the edge of non-grass elements like sidewalks, flower beds, your driveway, and even the street. An edger can create a crisp, straight line that keeps your lawn from looking ragged and unkempt.

While an edger is a fairly simple tool, not all edgers are the same. Here are a few key questions that you'll want to ask before you buy your edger:

Which power source do you want? This may be the most important question you can ask. There was a time when all edgers were manually powered. The edger consisted of a round blade at the end of a stick. You would simply push the edger back and forth along the line that you want to cut.

Manual edgers are still available and can be a good value if you don't mind doing the work. However, most people choose either gas or electric. The benefit of a gas edger is that you can take it anywhere in your yard since your not restricted by being close to an outlet.

Gas powered edgers can be loud and you may have to regularly purchase gas depending on how frequently you use the equipment. Electric edgers tend to be more quiet. If you don't have a large yard and can access all areas with an extension cord, an electric edger could be the best solution.

Blade or string cutter? Edgers come in two different types of cutting styles. The most common style is with strings or wires. The head of the edger has a spool of coiled string that can vary in gauge and durability.

The head then spins the wires at a rapid speed to create a cutting effect. The other style is a sharp metal blade similar to those used in old manual edgers. With a string cutter, you will have to buy new string on a fairly regular basis. Also, string may not be sufficient if you're trying to cut into dirt or to cut through dense amounts of grass.

However, outside of those two scenarios, string is usually powerful enough for most homeowners.

Straight or curved shaft? The most basic edgers have straight shafts no unlike those found on a shovel. The problem with straight shafts is that they can sometimes be awkward to handle if you're trying to reach a challenging angle.

Curved shafts, on the other hand, give you more flexibility and allow you to reach a variety of cutting angles. You can also get split shafts that allow you adjust the angle based on what cut you're trying to achieve.

For more information, visit your local lawn equipment dealer. They can help you find the edger that best fits your needs. To learn more, contact a company like C N Argo Sales & Service Ltd with any questions or concerns you have.