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Maintenance Tips For Your Propane Tank

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Propane is a safe and effective fuel for a variety of devices that are found around many homes. From grills to heating systems, this gas can be one of the cheapest sources of energy you can choose. However, storing propane until you need to use it can be more complex than many people anticipate. This is because propane tanks can develop problems as they age, but following a couple of simple maintenance tips can help keep your propane tank from encountering these costly and potentially dangerous problems. 

Avoid Letting The Tank Run Low

Many people will wait to refill the propane tank until it is either completely empty or close to it. While this may seem like the most logical way of deciding when to refill the tank, this can actually create problems later down the road. For example, moisture can seep into the tank if it is below half full, and if this happens, the interior may be more likely to develop corrosion, which can lead to a leak. 

To avoid this problem, you should check the tank's fuel gauge after every time you use it. By refilling it before it drops below the halfway mark, you can significantly reduce the chances that your tank does not encounter this type of damage. 

Test The Supply Line For Leaks

In addition to keeping the actual propane tank in good condition, you will also need to ensure that the supply lines do not encounter serious problems. If these lines were to develop a major leak, you could be in a very dangerous situation. Luckily, you can help reduce the chances of developing a propane leak by performing a simple inspection of the supply line. 

During this inspection, you should thoroughly clean the line and apply a leak detection fluid to it. This fluid is relatively sticky, and if a leak is present, it will cause numerous small bubbles in this coating. You can purchase this substance from almost any hardware or home improvement store. If a leak is detected, you should immediately turn off the valve on the tank and contact a professional to repair the issue. 

Propane can be an excellent source of fuel for those that need a portable solution or that live too far away to enjoy access to the power grid. Unfortunately, almost every type of fuel is highly flammable, and this can create some unique threats for homeowners. Following these two simple propane tank maintenance tips will help ensure that your system runs smoothly and avoids these potentially hazardous problems. For more information, contact a propane dealer like Stony Propane Ltd.