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Duct Cleaning: Why It Is Necessary & How It Can Help You Save On Energy Costs

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Are you embarrassed because the heating and cooling system fills your home with a foul odor when you have guests? Getting rid of the odor may be easy if you invest in getting the air ducts cleaned by a professional, as there could be something like a dead rodent in the ducts. Below, learn about the necessity of duct cleaning for a heating and cooling system and how it can help you save energy.

Why is Duct Cleaning a Necessity?

Ducting cleaning is necessary when there is a foul odor circulating because it will give you the opportunity to find out if you are dealing with an infestation or not. A professional will be able to take a thorough look into the duct system to see what is causing the odor. If there is a dead rodent, it will be removed on your behalf. Any dirt, mold or other debris stuck inside of the air ducts will be manually removed with special tools. The professional will then use a commercial vacuum to suction up all of the excess debris.

It is also necessary to get the duct system cleaned to improve the quality of air being circulated in your home. Air quality is important because people suffering from allergies like asthma can have attacks if there is too much dust or pet dander circulating, as well as mold spores. Even someone with no history of allergies can develop them after prolonged exposure to allergens from a dirty duct system.

Can Duct Cleaning Help with Saving Energy?

Duct cleaning can help you save money on energy costs because it will be easier for the heating and cooling system to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. When debris or rodents are clogging up the air ducts, it usually takes longer to reach a certain temperature. Keep in mind that a professional will also clean out the system coils, which will improve the energy efficiency in your home. The evaporator coil must be cleaned because dirt can become like an insulator and block the coil from producing cool air, as the air must be able to make contact with the metal.

You deserve air from the duct system that smells good and is of a good quality. Consult with a duct cleaning specialist like Home-Plus Duct Cleaning to find out why there is a foul odor coming from the air ducts so the problem can be fixed!