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Why Should Job Seekers Use Employment Agencies?

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Have you been out of work for a while and find yourself having difficulty securing new employment? Or maybe you are looking to take a break from full time employment and work on a temporary basis for a while. These are just two examples of why job seekers work with employment agencies in Canada. Employment agencies can be a huge benefit to job seekers who are having trouble getting responses to their applications, and they give the job seeker a point of contact for numerous positions that they have applied to. But what are some of the main reasons that job seekers use the assistance provided by employment agencies?

Interview Coaching and Preparation

Imagine you've just been laid off from a long-term employer. It's been a while since you've had to interview for jobs, and you may be out of practice. Partnering with an employment agency can help you learn valuable interview tips as you look for new employment. In many cases, job seekers will first interview with the employment agency before meeting the potential employer. Because of this, the recruiter can pick up on any things that you may need to change and coach you on the best way to answer certain questions when you meet with the employer. A recruiter may also send you on multiple interviews for positions you may not have applied to on your own, which will just give you more practice.

Flexible Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a short-term position, a temporary-to-hire position or a direct hire opportunity, employment agencies have flexible opportunities for job seekers. Employment agencies may also be able to place you in a different role if your current assignment isn't working out. Some agencies may place you in an assignment for one week with a company and then have a completely different assignment available for you the next week. This can be a plus for someone who is looking for some flexibility before taking on their next permanent role.

Network of Clients

Employment agencies work with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis. Because of this, their network of contacts is much larger than the average job seeker's. Your dream company could have an opening that they are not advertising for on major job sites, but a relationship between the company and an employment agency could land you an interview. The relationship between a recruiter and a company could also lead to a company trusting the recommendation of a recruiter when it comes to hiring an employee.

If you are currently looking for work, consider contacting employment agencies in Canada, such as Platinum Personnel. Even if there is not  a perfect, long-term fit for you now, your next dream career could be right around the corner.