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How To Weigh Your Semi-Truck Truck In 5 Simple Steps

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The Canada's Transportation Act Review (TAR) has specific weight guidelines to ensure safety for the truck itself, as well as the surrounding drivers. This makes a lot of drivers very conscious about how much their trucks weigh. If you're driving a semi-truck, follow these five simple steps to weigh your truck at any interstate weighing station.

Step 1

Not all interstate weighing stations are created equally. Therefore, your first step is to find a truck scale that weighs semi-trucks.

Step 2

At the time of weighing, check to see if you have the maximum load requirement in your truck. In short, you should have everything in the truck that you usually do when traveling on the road. For example, you want to make sure that all of your cargo and passengers are in the truck before you weigh it.

Step 3

Give the truck scale attendant a list of all of your truck information such as its year, model, make, and VIN. Make sure that the attendant places your name on the certified truck scale ticket. You will need proof that you have weighed your semi-truck .Your sales tickets will provide evidence of this fact. At this step, give your attendant the required fee for using the truck scale.

Step 4

Make sure that you have all of the tires of your semi-truck on the truck scale. Reposition if you need to. Pull forward or pull back on the scale to ensure that your truck is correctly positioned on it. The truck scale attendant could assist you at this stage. After you are correctly positioned your semi-truck on the scale, your truck scale attendant will stamp your ticket with the weight of your semi-truck.

Step 5

Most of your work in weighing your truck semi-truck is finished at this point. The only thing that you need to do is collect your certified truck scale ticket from the attendant. Make sure that is a certified copy of the truck scale ticket.

The preceding five steps show you how to weigh your semi-truck in a streamlined manner. Contact a truck scale company such as Accurate/Western Scale Co Ltd for additional tips on how to weigh your semi-truck. Not only will they help give you accurately weigh your vehicle, but they can also offer tips on how to reduce the weight of the truck if it has already reached its intended maximum amount.