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3 Reasons To Install An RRFB Crosswalk System

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As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. Parking lots can be dangerous areas where vehicles and pedestrians interact with one another. Drivers and pedestrians can both become distracted when traveling through a commercial parking lot, and this can lead to serious accidents in front of your store.

The right crosswalk system can help pedestrians and drivers remain safe by providing a reliable avenue for pedestrians to cross primary traffic lanes within your parking lot. A rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) crosswalk system is one of the best.

1. RRFB crosswalks are highly visible.

An RRFB crosswalk system is characterized by a light bar that contains two LED beacons. These beacons flash independently of one another in a specialized pattern designed to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike.

Signage without lighting indicating a crosswalk can be overlooked by distracted drivers, increasing the risk of a collision. The attention grabbing design of an RRFB crosswalk system will alert even a distracted driver to the presence of a crosswalk. 

2. RRFB crosswalks encourage driver compliance.

The success of a crosswalk is measured in terms of motorist compliance. It's not enough for a driver to be able to spot the crosswalks servicing your commercial parking lot; the driver must respond to these crosswalks by coming to a stop before passing through.

Drivers are accustomed to slowing down when exposed to flashing lights. Being conditioned to yield in response to flashing lights ensures that drivers will allow pedestrians to safely pass through your crosswalks when these crosswalks are equipped with RRFB systems.

Research shows that an RRFB crosswalk system can produce motorist compliance rates up to 99%, maximizing the safety of your crosswalks.

3. RRFB crosswalk systems deter vandalism.

The design of the light bar that is mounted to the crosswalk sign in each RRFB crosswalk system is designed to help prevent vandalism. Replacing the LED bulbs in any traffic sign can be costly.

The signals on an RRFB light bar are recessed within the bar itself. This design makes it extremely difficult to break the lights or damage the plastic casing protecting the RRFB crosswalk system's LED bulbs. Reduced vandalism increases parking lot safety and helps to keep operating costs as low as possible.

The right crosswalk system is a critical component in your parking lot design. Opt for RRFB crosswalks from a company like Lanelight to help improve your commercial parking lot in the future.